A'Sika was born in Ghana in 2018, when Melbourne based designer Ella Badu began exploring her African heritage through the country’s rich cultural history and artisanal workmanship. Inspired by traditional spirituality, regalia and the beauty in symbolism, Ella brought her vision back home to Australia where she continued her own journey of storytelling through handcrafted jewellery.
A’Sika is here to bring back the realness by embracing the imperfections without compromising on quality, creating a forever piece that is designed to carry moments through generations to come. With a constant focus on innovation, where possible, materials are locally sourced, using primarily recycled or reclaimed precious metals to extend product service life through design and redesign.
By 2020 A'Sika will be launching an additional offering based upon a circular business model that allows previously loved treasures to be melted and reborn into new adornments.
Welcome to our journey.